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Adi Bosi
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Director, German Desk

Adi Bosi is head of the German Desk for World Bnei Akiva and took on this position in 2019.

She was born on Shlichut in Los Angeles and grew up in Israel. In high school she went on Shlichut with her parents to Cape Town, South Africa.


Adi is a graduate of Bar Ilan University with a Bachelor's Degree (BA) in Political science and communications. During university Adi was a madricha and coordinator for groups worldwide that came on Israel programs.

In 2014 she was a World Bnei Akiva Shlicha in Boston, where she established a BA snif in Newton. In 2017-2019 Adi was a Shlicha for Torah Mitzion in Berlin, Germany, working with students and young professionals, as well as being director of a youth organization for the Lauder foundation.


Adi currently lives with her husband in Ariel.        

Contact Details

Office: +972-2-620-9012

Mobile: +972 52-6232596

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