Bnei Akiva Germany is a young branch of World Bnei Akiva and was formally established in 2014. Prior to this, Bnei Akiva was involved in Jewish activity in Germany as part of a program named Lehava that was run in cooperation with the ZWST (Central Jewish Welfare). Lehava ran for 14 years and over 70 Single Shlichim and families did Shlichut in Germany over those years.


Today our work in Germany is quite unique. Bnei Akiva works in orthodox communities where most members are Russian immigrants. Bnei Akiva plays a significant role in shaping the kids Jewish identity and relationship with Judaism. In Germany the Shlichim run activities in the youth centers of the communities.


We have shlichim that are active in:

  • Düsseldorf

  • Dortmund

  • Duisburg

  • Krefeld

  • Mönchengladbach

  • Offenbach (and other communities in the state of Hessen)

  • München (and other communities in the state of Bayern)


World Bnei Akiva contact person for Germany is Adi Bosi.



Gil & Ayelet Gotlieb

Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia

Gil and Ayelet have been on Shlichut for World Bnei Akiva in Dortmund since September 2016.‬

Adi & David Rogovoy

Duisburg, Ruhr Area

Adi and David come from Jerusalem and have been on Shlichut for World Bnei Akiva in Duisburg since September 2017.


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Avizoor Grady

Offenbach, Hessen

Avizoor comes from Jerusalem and has been on Shlichut for World Bnei Akiva in Offenbach since October 2017.

Amichai Kafka

Offenbach, Hessen

Amichai comes from Petah Tiqva and has been on Shlichut for World Bnei Akiva in Offenbach since October 2017.

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German Jewry is eligble to participate in the following programs managed by World Bnei Akiva:



For all other programs managed by Bnei Akiva Germany, please check online links below, and/or contact our Shlichim or Eliyos Paz.


Connect with Bnei Akiva in Germany

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