Why an Israel Year Program with World Bnei Akiva?

You rely on Bnei Akiva to support and help you whilst in Israel and you can trust us to create a program tailored to people from a Bnei Akiva background. Hachshara is geared towards what you, individually, want from your year in Israel and allows you the security and enjoyment of being part of a group sharing the same experiences.


Will I see friends participating on other Hachshara programs?

Yes. There are times when the different Hachshara groups are together, even though your real group relationship will be with those on your own program. You’ll also have ample free time and Shabbatot to make your own plans and arrange visits to those on other programs and at other Yeshivot and Midrashot.


What security measures are taken?

Your safety is our primary concern. Like all gap year programs, we follow the security advice of the relevant security agencies in Israel, and run our activities with their approval. In the event of a change in the security situation, we will inform you. Occasionally, as a precaution, we will ask you not to go out, even during free time.


Will Hachshara be useful for my university application?

The value of gap year activities is widely acknowledged and most universities will allow you to apply for deferred entry. It is a good idea to include details of your proposed gap year in your personal statement to support your application.


Is medical care and insurance provided?

Medical services and insurance for illness and injury while in Israel on Hachshara is included in the cost of the program. Doctors affiliated with the plan are located throughout Israel and you can easily arrange to see one, no matter where you are based at the time. Treatment related to pre-existing conditions is not included in the coverage. You are advised to take out ‘personal effects insurance’ to cover your valuable belongings and we will be happy to send you the details from our recommended insurers.


Do I need to arrange a visa to stay in Israel for the year?

When you arrive in Israel you’ll be issued with a three-month entry visa at border control at Ben Gurion airport. We will make the arrangements to extend this visa into a year-long visa. This visa does not affect your status as citizens of your home country or your future Aliyah rights. If you or your parents have Israeli citizenship, please contact the Israeli Consulate as soon as possible and complete any necessary steps before arrival in Israel.


Are arrangements made for special diets and allergies?

If you require a special diet or have a severe allergy that may necessitate extra attention, please state this in a letter attached to your medical form. Although it may not always be possible, we will make every effort to cater for your needs.


Who manages the Israel Year (Hachshara) programs?

We have a highly qualified administrative and educational staff in Israel, looking after the programs and participants on a daily basis. Qualified resident leaders (madrichim) accompany you, guiding and advising you throughout your year in Israel. The program co-ordinator (rakezet) is responsible for the logistical and educational implementation of the program. She visits you regularly and maintains close contact with the madrichim, your local Bnei Akiva, and your parents.


What are the laundry arrangements?

Laundry for certain parts of the year will be provided free of charge, for example on Kibbutz. During other periods, laundry will be organised, at a cost of around 25-40 shekels for a large load.


Do I need to bring beddings or a sleeping bag?

You should bring both. Although bedding will be provided for some parts of the year, there will be occasions when you’ll need it. There are companies that hire out sets to gap year participants, to save you from schlepping it to Israel in your luggage.


What else should I bring?

A few weeks before the start of Shalhevet, we’ll send you a packing list, containing all the essentials for an amazing year in Israel!


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