Bnei Akiva inspires and empowers young Jews with a sense of commitment to the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and the Torah.


For more than 80 years, Hachshara, a year trip to Israel, has played a part in shaping and training the future leaders of Bnei Akiva and Jewish communities around the world.


Hachshara is a vital component in your Bnei Akiva journey, when you can devote time to learning Jewish texts, develop independently and explore your identity.

Proudly presenting our nine Israel Year Programs



América Latina

Amijai es un programa específico para janijim de habla hispana y portuguesa, en el cuál vivirás en Israel, conociendo la sociedad y cultura israelí, reforzando las bases del judaismo y sin duda viviendo experiencias inolvidables que te dejarán recuerdos para toda la vida.



Für deutschsprachige

Neriya ist ein einjähriges Programm mit dem Ziel, jungen Menschen die Möglichkeit zu geben, Israel aus einer ganz anderen Perspektive kennenzulernen. Um dies zu realisieren, ist es uns wichtig, dass die Teilnehmer möglichst viel erleben.

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Northern Hemisphere

The Kivun program is a life-changing, integrated gap-year experience with Bnei Akiva. Learn about yourself, Modern Orthodox Judaism and Religious Zionism through relevant and meaningful Torah study – focused on preparing you for real-life experiences.



For girls only

The core of the SHALEM program is Sherut Leumi (National service). On this program you will be part of the nationwide “Bat Ami” organization, which takes care of thousands of Israeli girls helping them through their year of giving back to Israeli society. 

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Southern Hemisphere

Limmud is an incredible, inspirational year, full of growth, experiences in Israel, and unforgettable memories. You will be part of a kibbutz, challenge yourself through MARVA and MDA, have a meaningful and powerful Journey to Poland, learn in Yeshiva, and more.

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Torani is a Torah/Midrasha based Israel year program geared for participants from the United Kingdom, and any other English speaker from Europe. The Torani program offers a year of intense study in top learning institutions, while remaining in the Bnei Akiva framework.


Open for all globally

The Mechina Olamit is a six month program with students coming from Israel and abroad. The program delves into Israeli society and includes Jewish and academic studies, hikes and navigation courses, independence and social involvement.



North America

TVA (Torah vʼAvodah) is an elite and innovative Bnei Akiva yeshiva/midrasha for highly motivated high school graduates. In one incredible year, you will experience life-changing growth in your connection to Torah, to the Jewish people and to the Land and State of Israel.  



Southern Hemisphere

MTA (Midreshet Tora v'Avodah) offers a year of intense study in top learning institutions. You will learn in Yeshiva/Midrasha as well as live on Kibbutz, go on a meaningful and powerful journey to Poland, enjoy many Tiyulim and seminars, and much more.

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