World Bnei Akiva is active in Israel in many ways.


Firstly, our office headquarters are located in Jerusalem, and it is from here we manage our operations.


Secondly, we have a vast number of Israel Year Programs (Hachshara programs) as well as short-term Israel programs that we offer Bnei Akiva chanichim, madrichim and bogrim from all over the world.


Moreover, we organize summer camps in Israel, mainly targeted for children of our bogrim who have made Aliyah.


We also organize the annual Machane Sayarim in Europe for which we invite Israeli madrichim to be a part of.


Finally, World Bnei Akiva looks after its bogrim once they have made Aliyah - making Israel their home.


For information on Israeli Bnei Akiva movement, please check the website of our sister organization Bnei Akiva Israel.

World Bnei Akiva

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