Marketing resources for MIFGASH OLAMI.

This page is for WBA Staff and Shlichim!

Download or copy the materials here in order to post on your own social media accounts, and to send to snifim, madrichim, chanichim, bogrim, hachshara participants (past and present), and more on whatsapp, email etc.



חומרי שיווק ופירסום למפגש  העולמי.

הדף הזה לצוות בנ"ע עולמית ושליחים!

הורידו או העתיקו את החומרים להלן ופרסמו אצלכם ברשתות החברתיות , שלחו לסניפים, מדריכים חניכים, בוגרים ומשתתפי הכשרה (בעבר ובהווה) ועוד ,באמצעות ווטסאפ, דוא"ל וכו. 

השתמשו בטקסטים יחד עם הסרטונים ו/או הגרפיקות.
הכל מוכן עבורכם!


TEXT - Promotion of SIGN-UP:

Bnei Akiva friends of all ages around the world; On 17 January you are invited to our 1st ever virtual Mifgash Olami, celebrating our achievements as a movement, and planning our future.


Create your own schedule by selecting the sessions and activities YOU want! There will be live music, inspirational talks in various languages, interactive activities, exciting competitions and incredible prizes.

One movement, one ideology, one family!

Sign Up for the Mifgash Olami TODAY!

TEXT - Promotion of MUSIC VOTE:

The 1st ever MIFGASH OLAMI is happening on 17 January - and YOU decide what music will be played LIVE at the opening event!

VOTE for World Bnei Akiva's favorite Israeli songs! Simply select your three favorite songs from the list on our voting page. You stand to win great prizes and to go live on air in the conference studio! So what are you waiting for? Choose your three favorite songs for the Mifgash Olami now!


And if you haven't registered for the Mifgash Olami yet, make sure to do so asap!


Hi. I just registered to the first ever online Mifgash Olami of World Bnei Akiva. Check it out, and you can register too. It's free.



Copy the YouTube link, or download the video.



Copy the YouTube link, or download the video.


GRAPHICS - Promos for SIGN UP:


Use these in WhatsApp, email, FB, Instagram or any other social media.

Use them all at once, or separately, spread out over several days.

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