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Amutat Tirat Yosef, named after Dr. Yosef Burg z"l, is currently constructing the Beit Bnei Akiva Educational Center and Guest House for World Bnei Akiva and a community center for the residents of Givat Mordechai and surrounding neighborhoods, in Jerusalem

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In the 72nd year of the State of Israel and the 53rd year of the reunification of Jerusalem, may it be rebuilt speedily in our time, Amen.


We, the members of World Bnei Akiva, gather together to sign the Foundation Scroll of the Sheila and Eric Samson Beit Bnei Akiva Building, which will become the Educational and Cultural Center for Bnei Akiva members worldwide.


The essence of the building will be the ingathering of the youth to our Holy Land, and the preparation of educational leadership, through Religious Zionist activities in the spirit of the philosophy of Dr Yosef Burg.


We pray to God that he will grant us success to speedily complete the building as another pillar in the rebuilding of our Holy Land,

and Jerusalem as the jewel in the crown.


May it be Your will that we will merit to dedicate this building as an educational institution, and a center for Torah study and its application to work, holiness and purity.


Bevirkat Chaverim L’Torah V’Avodah

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בשנת‭ ‬תשפ”א‭, ‬שנת‭ ‬השבעים‭ ‬ושתיים‭ ‬למדינת‭ ‬ישראל‭ ‬ובשנת‭ ‬החמישים‭ ‬ושלוש‭ ‬לאיחוד‭ ‬ירושלים‭ ‬השלימה‭ - ‬תיבנה‭ ‬ותכונן‭ ‬במהרה‭ ‬בימינו‭ ‬אמן‭.‬


נתכנסנו‭ ‬אנו‭ ‬חברי‭ ‬תנועת‭ ‬בני‭ ‬עקיבא‭ ‬העולמית‭, ‬לחתום‭ ‬על‭ ‬מגילת‭ ‬היסוד‭ ‬לבית‭ ‬בני‭ ‬עקיבא‭ ‬על‭ ‬שם‭ ‬אריק‭ ‬ושילה‭ ‬סמסון‭ ‬ולהפיכתו‭ ‬למרכז‭ ‬תרבותי‭ ‬חינוכי‭ ‬עבור‭ ‬חברי‭ ‬התנועה‭ ‬מכל‭ ‬רחבי‭ ‬העולם‭.‬

ייחודו‭ ‬של‭ ‬הבית‭ ‬יהיה‭ ‬בקיבוץ‭ ‬נפוצותינו‭ ‬לארצנו‭ ‬הקדושה‭, ‬ובהדרכת‭ ‬העוסקים‭ ‬בחינוך‭, ‬תוך‭ ‬עשייה‭ ‬ציונית‭ ‬בדרכה‭ ‬של‭ ‬תורה‭ ‬ועבודה‭, ‬ועפ”י‭ ‬משנתו‭ ‬של‭ ‬ד”ר‭ ‬יוסף‭ ‬בורג‭.‬


נישא‭ ‬תפילה‭ ‬לה‭ ‬אלוקינו‭ ‬שחפצו‭ ‬בידינו‭ ‬יצלח‭ ‬להשלים‭ ‬הבית‭ ‬במהרה‭ ‬כנדבך‭ ‬בישוב‭ ‬ארצנו‭ ‬ובבניין‭ ‬עיר‭ ‬קדשנו‭ ‬ותפארתנו‭.‬


‭ ‬יהי‭ ‬רצון‭ ‬שנזכה‭ ‬כולנו‭ ‬לחונכו‭ ‬כמעון‭ ‬חינוכי‭,‬

ומרכז‭ ‬לימוד‭ ‬תורה‭ ‬ויישומה‭ ‬בעבודה‭, ‬בקדושה‭ ‬ובטהרה‭.‬

בברכת‭ ‬חברים‭ ‬לתורה‭ ‬ולעבודה‭

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For many years, we dreamt of building a Bayit for our chanichim, madrichim, chayalim and olim. Today it has become a reality. By the end of 2021 we hope to finish construction of our Beit Bnei Akiva Educational Center and Guest House. The Bayit is located in the heart of Jerusalem, is five stories high, has guest rooms and hundreds of meters of educational space. We invite you, and all our friends around the world, to take part in completing the Bayit. Support us in our final stretch, so that we can provide a Beit Bnei Akiva for us all.

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