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Daphna Refaeli


 Director, Limmud program

Daphna is the Director of the Limmud gap-year program. Limmud is a co-ed, experiential, 9-month study and Israel immersion program for students from the Southern Hemisphere.


Daphna spent a year at Midreshet Nishmat, has a degree in Logistics Economics and Management from Bar Ilan, and previously worked at ALYN Hospital in Kiryat Yuval as Operations and Logistics Manager in the Special Projects Department.


Her experience in Bnei Akiva is extensive; An olah from Chicago, Illinois, Daphna was involved in Bnei Akiva both in the United States and in Israel as a chanicha and a madricha. She was the program coordinator of Camp Amichai, a madricha for one of our gap year programs in 2013-2014, a discussion moderator at World Bnei Akiva’s Veida Conference, the group director of Limmud, and currently is the Director of Limmud.

Contact Details

Office: +972-2-620-9012

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