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The Dream Team



The World Bnei Akiva Dream Team is an exciting educational endeavour - a global outreach program active since 2016. Sending our best educators – the Dream Team - to communities around the world, we aim to educate and empower the madrichim (leaders) of Bnei Akiva the world over. Through sessions, activities,  games, and discussions, the Dream Team brings a spark of Israel to the local Jewish communities, strengthening the youth leadership, and enhancing the quality and level of work of Bnei Akiva around the globe.

The Dream Team members consist of an array of Bnei Akiva alumni, who were stand-out and passionate madrichim before making Aliyah. The Dream Team is commissioned to travel to numerous snifim around the world infusing love, passion and inspiration in the madrichim, along with providing innovative leadership programs.

The Dream Team demonstrates what it means to be a madrich and provides practical tools and methods which highly benefits all madrichim.

This initiative was born from the appreciation of the exceptionally highly skilled education abilities of our alumni, together with the desire to cultivate World Bnei Akiva’s Global community.

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