The Event Starts in


World Bnei Akiva's Jewrovision 2021 goes LIVE on this page on

9 May at 5pm Israel time.

In order to WATCH the live stream event, click the play button above at the event time.

Make sure to click 'UNMUTE' in the player window above.

For best experience, we recommend that you watch the event on a computer, and not a smartphone.

Want to participate in the vote for the best song?

If you haven't registered to vote already, then click the button, or scan the QR code below. You will only be able to vote if you have registered. You can register even after the event starts, but you need to do so before the voting starts. After you register you will receive a link to the voting page.

How does the voting work?

Voting will only be possible after all songs have been played. You will be able to vote for your five favorite songs, distributing 12, 10, 8, 7 and 6 points accordingly. It will not be possible for you to vote for your own country's song.

Interactive game during the event

During the Jewrovision event, the Mazkal of World Bnei Akiva, Roi Abecassis, will play a live game with questions for both him and you in the audience to answer. Click below, or scan the QR code with your phone, to join the live game - you can already answer the questions now.



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