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Rav Zvi Elon

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Office: +972-2-620-9012



Rav Zvi Elon is the Mazkal of World Bnei Akiva - the Secretary General. He leads and coordinates the Mazkirut, overseeing and facilitating all activities both locally and globally. He stands at the forefront of the movement's mission to inspire and empower young Jews worldwide, nurturing a profound commitment to the Jewish people, the Land of Israel, and the Torah.  


Born in Jerusalem and later relocating to Or Akiva, Rav Zvi's journey with Bnei Akiva began as a young Chanich in his local snif. It was here that his deep love for Zionism and the movement took root and flourished.  


Rav Zvi's passion for connecting with Am Yisrael led him to move with his wife and children to Uruguay in South America, where he served as a shaliach through Amliel, Mizrachi, and Torah Mitzion. His impactful work in this region left a lasting imprint, most notably through the creation of the La Casa community there.  


After six years abroad, Rav Zvi returned to Israel and assumed the role of head Rabbi in Caesarea, in addition to becoming the official Rav of the Uruguayan community in Yavne.  


Currently residing in Or Akiva with his wife Chen and their five children, Rav Zvi speaks Hebrew, Spanish, and English.  


Rav Zvi has been working for World Bnei Akiva since 2023

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