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The Semel


Bnei Akiva Semel Logo Emblem

The Semel - Our Emblem


The Semel is the emblem of Bnei Akiva, and is made up of the following components:


  • The Luchot - two stone tablets representing the Torah, the framework by which we live our lives.

  • The Hebrew letters taf and ayin - ת (taf) and ע (ayin) stand for Torah Va’Avodah, Bnei Akiva’s motto.

  • Name - The name of our movement in Hebrew on a banner wrapped around the luchot.

  • Wheat - symbolizing the seven species of the Land of Israel, and representing the agricultural heritage of Bnei Akiva.

  • Olive branch - representing the peace that we hope all Jews will live together by.

  • Scythe & pitchfork - representing the tools used to work the Land of Israel.




ba semel elements.png


Download full resolution versions of the Bnei Akiva Semel and World Bnei Akiva logo here:

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