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Tzachi Megnagy

Contact Details

Office: +972-2-620-9012


CEO & Head of the Hachsharat Department

Tzachi is the CEO of World Bnei Akiva and the head of the Hachshara (Israel programs) Department. He is responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of comprehensive educational programs that empower and equip chanichim with the skills, knowledge, and values they need to become impactful leaders within their communities and beyond.


Tzachi has been involved in Bnei Akiva from a young age, as a chanich, madrich, and later the Rosh snif in his hometown of Bat Yam. He embarked on his Shlichut journey first with Ezra Olami, where he traveled to Ukraine and Belarus, and later with the Zionist seminars of the Jewish Agency, visiting Australia and the USA.  


Before joining World Bnei Akiva, Tzachi served as the CEO of Heichal Shlomo, a center of Jewish heritage, where he played a key role in preserving and promoting the richness of Jewish culture. Prior to that, he was Vice President and Educational Director at The Jewish Journey Ltd., an educational tourism company dedicated to sharing the Jewish narrative with the world.  


Tzachi speaks Hebrew and English. He resides in the Katamonim neighborhood in Jerusalem with his wife Tzila, who is a hospice nurse, and their four children, Daria, Benaya, Neta, and Ori.  


Tzachi has been working for World Bnei Akiva since 2023.

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