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אִישׁ אֶת רֵעֵהוּ יַעְזֹרוּ וּלְאָחִיו יֹאמַר חֲזָק
Each one shall aid his fellow, and to his brother he shall say, "Strengthen yourself"
(ישעיהו מא ו)

Yad Achim - the World Bnei Akiva Friends Society was established with the objective to raise much needed support for the movements activities, upkeep and future development.

Yad Achim is the home for World Bnei Akivas international circle of friends - our donors. The society is managed by volunteers from across the globe and is a vessel for what keeps our supporters connected, enabling them to feel ownership of the movement, and the forum for where WBA can express the recognition and gratitude we have for our circle of friends.


With our decade long experience and global outreach, World Bnei Akiva is uniquely placed to successfully reach Jewish youngsters around the world. Our work is inclusive, and all Jewish kids, irrespective of background, are invited to find a home with us, laying a strong foundation to their Orthodox Jewish and Zionist identity.


Demand for our work grows in pace with the increase of assimilation and antisemitism around the world, and it is only with the support from our friends that we are able to reach out to more Jewish communites in need.


Now, more than ever, we are in need for your help so we may expand and stengthen our activities in order to successfully help our next generation live rich lives as engaged Jews, and hopefully join the more than 100,000 Bnei Akiva bogrim (graduates) who have made Aliyah since our foundation.


Supporting us through Yad Achim is what holds our movement together - its what ensures our future and the future of a Jewish, zionist lifestyle for thousands upon thousands of youth around the world.

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World Bnei Akiva is an Israeli registered Amutah (nonprofit organization). Our Amutah number is 58002895-9.

Your gift made payable to World Bnei Akiva is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by Israeli law.

For information on tax deductible donations in other countries, click 'Payment Alternatives' to the left.

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