Bnei Akiva has two major snifim in Italy - one in Rome and one in Milan.


The snif in Rome was established in 1955 through the efforts of many dedicated number of youth, accompanied and supported by the Jewish community of Rome in order to activate the spirit of religious educational projects for children and youth. The Snif started with only few chanichim and every year, since then the numbers are growing, and today they have an average of 150 chanichim come every Shabbat. Activities include Mifkad, Mincha, Peulot and games. Throughout the year there are special activities, such as the opening event of the year, Hanukkah party, Purim party, Jewrovision song contest, seminars outside Rome and two large camps in the winter and summer together with the snif of Milan.


The snif in Milan was established in 1953 and is located in the Jewish school of Milan. The snif is today bigger than ever before with the number of chinichim now reaching 150. Their programs and peulot puts Zionism in the first place in the minds of the chanichim. In Israel there are around 2,000 bogrim of BA Milan, not including their children.


The Italian Bnei Akiva chanichim feel a strong connection to Israel and spend one summer - Machane Israel - traveling all over the country and getting to know Israeli socity. Many of the Italian bogrim join the different World Bnei Akiva Israel Year Programs, and many of them decide to continue their academic studies in israel, join Zahal and make Aliyah.


World Bnei Akiva contact person for Italy is Sari Mayer.





Gil and Adva Vexberg

Milan, Italy

Gil and Adva have been Shlichim for World Bnei Akiva in Milan, Italy since September 2016.


"Bnei Akiva Milano - big city, big Snif and one big happy family."


Shlichim Milan Facebook Page


Hanan & Carmel Magal

Rome, Italy

Hanan and Carmel from Retamim have been Shlichim for World Bnei Akiva in Rome, Italy since September 2017.

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Italian Jewry is eligble to participate in the following programs managed by World Bnei Akiva:



For all other programs managed by Bnei Akiva Italy, please check online links below, and/or contact our Shlichim.


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