Bnei Akiva in Mexico started in the late 1940's, throughout that time it was a pillar for the community and was responsible for the Zionism and religious ideology in Mexico. Today there are 3 Snifim running in Mexico City, totalling a number of 150 people.


The activities are mostly on Shabbatot, but there are also a number of activities mid-week. Each year there are 2 camps, summer and winter.


One of the main achievements is that Bnei Akiva is a way of life with the families, as well as a fun experience for all the Chanichim and Madrichim. At every Bnei Akiva event, parents of Chanichim (who once were chanichim and madrichim themselves) join in and participate, as if they are still Chanichim.


Once a year there is a Family Shabbaton for all families of Chanichim and Madrichim, and that is where the real relation with the movement comes out.


World Bnei Akiva contact person for Mexico is Uriel Edery.



Shmuel and Simi Ben Adiva

Mexico City, Mexico

Shmuel and Simi come from Tfachot and have been on Shlichut for World Bnei Akiva in Mexico since 2014.


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Mexican Jewry is eligble to participate in the following programs managed by World Bnei Akiva:



For all other programs managed by Bnei Akiva Mexico, please check online links below, and/or contact our Shlichim.


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