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LOOKING AHEADהנה ימים באים

The first online international convention of World Bnei Akiva

17 January 2021 at 3PM Israel Time


Thank you all participants! It was amazing!

Missed it? Want to watch again?

Play the full recording below:

Families and Friends of World Bnei Akiva, it's happening!

The first ever International Bnei Akiva Online Mifgash (convention), titled

הנה ימים באים - Looking ahead.


On Sunday 17 January 2021, 4 Shevat 5781, at 3PM Israel time, madrichim, chanichim, Hachshara participants, movement leaders, shlichim (past and present), parents, soldiers, olim and alumni will come together, celebrate our achievements as a movement, and plan our future together.


You won’t want to miss this!


At 3PM ISRAEL TIME  there will be awesome live music that will keep you on the edge of your seat, interactive, engaging activities, with exciting competitions and incredible prizes. Be inspired by world-class inspirational TED-style talks and learning, offered in various languages.


You will be able to create your own schedule, choosing the sessions and activities that talk to you.


Registration is free, and is NOW open!

Get ready to experience a day to remember for a life time!

One movement, one ideology and one family - Bnei Akiva!

See you at the mifgash! 



All times are PM Israel Time


Opening Show

Opening remarks:

  • Omer Yankelevich, Minister of Diaspora Affairs

  • Rabbi Yehiel Wasserman, Head of the Center for Religious Affairs in the Diaspora, WZO

Main speaker:

Dr. Micah Goodman, "The Best Time to Hit Refresh"

Live performance:

The World Bnei Akiva Top Five


Choice of engaging TED style talks by leading speakers

אתה לא מחליט עליי - האם ליהדות העולם ישנה זכות הצבעה/אמירה על מה שקורה פה

(recommended for Bnei Akiva Israel participants and Hebrew speakers)

ℹ︎ Rav Noam Perel and ℹ︎ Daniel Goldman

Sharpening your hadracha tools

(recommended for madrichim)

ℹ︎ Avy Leghziel

The Gifts of Disappointment: Reframing our Mindset

(recommended for chanichim)

ℹ︎ Andi Saitowitz

Corona and our kids: making home a place we can take off our masks (recommended for parents and parent committees)

ℹ︎ Liza Kramer

Comment rester enthousiaste dans une période si difficile?

(recommended for French speakers)

Arik Speaker

Abraham Avinu nos explica la política Israelí

(recommended for Spanish speakers)

ℹ︎ Eliezer Levin

Kenes Mazkirim

(Mazkirim from around the world)

ℹ︎ Ilan Oz


Looking Ahead - הנה ימים באים

Introducing the new Beit Bnei Akiva Educational Center

& Guest House


Panel - Looking Ahead

What is our main mission for this decade?

ℹ︎Roi Abecassis, Eliana Gurfinkel, ℹ︎Rabbi Benji Levy, ℹ︎Yair Shachal


Break & Clips

Enjoy a few Bnei Akiva videos

as we take a short break


Choice of interactive sessions & games

Bnei Akiva FIFA football competition - Show your soccer skills & make your snif proud (must have Xbox or PlayStation w license for FIFA online)

Israeli music quiz - Everyone loves Israeli music! Join the quiz to show how much you know about Israeli artists and music

Israel general knowledge quiz - Join this quiz to show your knowledge about Israel’s founders, leaders, important dates and personalities

Bnei Akiva for generations quiz - Who founded Bnei Akiva? Where did it all start? What’s our ideology? Join this quiz and show how much you know!

"Quel avenir pour les relations entre l'état d'Israël et la Communauté juive en France ?" Avec Robert Ejnes et Arié Abitbol

Face-to-face meetings of parent committees - Parents are invited to join! Hosted by representatives of the World Bnei Akiva World Council


Tribute to Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks ז״ל

Rabbi Sacks inspired a generation of Bnei Akiva leaders, and his teachings influenced the movement’s educational direction all over the world.


Learning session - "ראשינו בעמקי תורתה"

"Recognizing Opportunity in the Midst of Crisis",

led by Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi; moderated by Ilan Frydman

International chavrutot by choice of language


Mifkad Siyum - Live performance




Kenes Mazkirim

Exclusive meeting

for Mazkirim



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