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Machane Spotlight: Australia!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022


It’s camp time! This time of year, around the globe, World Bnei Akiva Shlichim are busy running summer and winter camps for their chanichim. Today we’re spotlighting “MachaKesher” - Machane Kesher - Winter Camp in Melbourne, Australia, run by Motty and Yisca Goodman! For the first time in two years, camp was finally back in full force! Run in a small town outside of Melbourne, more than 300 members came together from grades 3 to 12 - the largest snif of WBA!

Through the different programs, all on the topic of “kesher” (connection), they learnt, discussed, and experienced “kesher” to themselves, one another, and to Bnei Akiva’s values of Torah, Avodah and Aliyah. They also spent time learning about Israel, it’s strengths as a modern state and the role we believe it should play in being a light unto the nations in all areas of life.

In addition to all the fun, the chanichim learnt about self-reflection, and how we as individuals can be a better people; had an entrepreneurship competition about trying to make our society stronger; and the massive annual colour war started with learning about the history of Israel's wars. Shabbat was full of singing, dancing and connecting and the unforgettable tish at Seuda Shlishit blew the roof singing "V’Yerushalayim Ircha"!

For the Shlichim, Motty and Yisca it was their last camp in Melbourne, and they were surprised with an emotional farewell ceremony with Chanichim, Madrichim and Bogrim.

The shlichim would like to thank those joined them in running this incredible camp: the Roshei mach - head of camp- Michaela Raitman (seniors) and Tamara Franck (juniors). Alongside with the Hanhala - the leadership team who jointly run the snif on a weekly basis, and the many other Tafkidim holders (Roshei Tochniot, Tech, Beit Midrash, security and many others). The awesome power of our beautiful youth movement was felt by all!


Interested in experiencing your Gap Year in Israel with World Bnei Akiva?!

Learn more about our programs here:

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