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Ensuring that every young Jew around the world is able to participate in the

life-changing experience of one of our Israel Year Programs.

A Scholarship Fund for Future Generations

The actual participant cost of our Israel Year Programs ranges from $17,000 to $25,000 USD, and even with grants of between $5,000 to $10,000 USD from the MASA organization, there are still hundreds of potential participants who cannot afford these sums.


Establishing a scholarship fund is of utmost importance for World Bnei Akiva and we consider it a top priority project. It is a matter of investing in the the continuation Jewish life and identity.


The Want

We are currently seeking urgent help to assist Jewish youth to particpate in our upcoming year programs. We are turning to You to partner with us in order to secure the participation of those in need of financial help.

  • US$10,000 for a full scholarship.

  • US$1,500 for a month on Hachshara.

  • US$2,000 for Jewish studies at a Yeshiva/Midrasha.

  • US$1,500 for a month on Machon's Leadership Institute.


Other options

  • If you are interested in making a long-term donation and establishing a scholarship fund for you to name, please contact Roi Abecassis and/or Ariel Chesner.

For more than 80 years, our Hachshara programs (Israel Year Programs) have played a part in shaping and training the future leaders of Bnei Akiva and Jewish communities around the world. This gap year that we offer is an ideal opportunity for devoting significant time to Jewish learning at the same time as being immersed in experiencing life in Israel.


Alongside the studies in Torah and learning about Israel through travel, there are also volunteer components of the program which includes options such as Kibbutz work, Magen David Adom, training in Zahal, leadership development and an educational trip to Poland.


World Bnei Akiva is considered the foremost expert on informal Jewish Zionist education, and has been for many decades, providing the Diaspora and Israel with strong and devoted individuals in leading positions for generations, and the thrust of this work is done during our Israel Year Programs.


Our Hachshara Programs shape the identity of a large number of Jewish youth around the world. We have proven, again and again, throughout multiple generations, that this is a time when the majority of our participants make life decisions on where they will live, who they will marry and what type of Jewish life they intend to live.

World Bnei Akiva is an Israeli registered Amutah (nonprofit organization). Our Amutah number is 58002895-9.

Your gift made payable to World Bnei Akiva is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by Israeli law.

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