During the past seven decades, Bnei Akiva South Africa has formed into the largest and most active youth movement in the country. Through love and dedication, the Bnei Akiva Madrichim instill within our community’s youth a strong love for Judaism, a passion for Israel and a sense of responsibility to ones fellow man, which are the core values of the organisation.


Bnei Akiva South Africa is active in Cape Town as well as Johannesburg.




Rav Shaliach Daniel Kaplan

South Africa

Rav Shaliach Daniel Kaplans connection to Bnei Akiva South Africa goes far beyond his current position as Rav Shaliach. Rabbi Daniel Kaplan, born and bred in South Africa has been involved with the movement from a young age. After completing his schooling in Johannesburg, Rabbi Kaplan participated in Bnei Akiva’s esteemed MTA programme learning in Yeshvat Har Etzion. He then went on to take numerous high profile positions in the movement before joining Mizrachi South Africa’s YAD Rabbinic Development Programme.


Rabbi Kaplan, together with his wife – Andy, and their three wonderful children, is currently serving as Rav Shaliach of Bnei Akiva South Africa.

Michal Nativ

Cape Town, South Africa

Michal started her shlichut in Cape Town in September 2017.

Shlomit Frenkel

Cape Town, South Africa

Shlomit started her shlichut in Cape Town in September 2017.

Miriam Haver

Johannesburg, South Africa

Miriam started her shlichut in Johannesburg in September 2017.

Naama Karni

Johannesburg, South Africa

Naama started her shlichut in Johannesburg in September 2017.

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South African Jewry is eligble to participate in the following programs managed by World Bnei Akiva:


  • MTA (Israel year programme, ages 17-19)

  • Limmud (Israel year programme, ages 17-19)

  • Hadracha Tzira (Israel short-term programme, ages 15-17)

  • Kfar (Israel short-term programme, ages 15-17)

  • Beyadainu (Israel short-term programme, all madrichim)

  • Machane Noded (International camp in Spain, 11th grade)


For all other programs managed by Bnei Akiva South Africa, please check online links below, and/or contact our Shlichim or Daniel Winer.


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