There are two Bnei Akiva snifim in Switzerland, one in Basel and one in Zürich.


Every Shabbat they meet in the Jewish community center and enjoy time together. They start with Mifkad, then Sichot, Mincha, Oneg and at last Maariv. The themes in their Sichot deal with Israel, Judaism, news and history. During the Onagim Chewraia Alef play games, talk about Judaism, Israel etc. Chewraia Bet participate in an open discussion or attending a lecture from a special.


The Snif in Zürich counts 110 members and Basel around 20. They have a staff of highly motivated and dedicated madrichim of which many go to Israel each summer to different Yeshivot, Midrashot and other programs.


On most of the holidays there are special activities for everyone. Before Sukkot, together with disabled people, they decorate the Sukkah of "Bet Chana". On Shavuot they learn all night. Every year Bnei Akiva Switzerland organizes two camps at different places in the Swiss alps. During the summer they hike most of the time. In the winter they go skiing or sledding almost every day.


World Bnei Akiva contact person for Switzerland is Sari Mayer.






Swiss Jewry is eligble to participate in the following programs managed by World Bnei Akiva:



For all other programs managed by Bnei Akiva Switzerland, please check online links below, and/or contact one of our representatives.


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