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Torani is an uplifting, inspiring and empowering gap year programme in Israel with Bnei Akiva. You’ll learn new skills, enhance old ones, develop your Jewish identity and adapt to new environments - all while enjoying the group experience.

On Torani, you’ll spend most of your year in Yeshiva/Midrasha, as well as having the Bnei Akiva experience of Israel, which includes enriching seminars, leadership training, Shabbatonim, and living on a Kibbutz.

On Torani, you will learn about Judaism as you never had before, and gain the skills, drive and passion to develop your own Jewish identity.  Torani is all about learning: learning about yourself and learning to be a leader. It’s a year for yourself, but it is especially a year to learn how you can make an impact on society around you.


Application deadline for Torani is December 1st, for both boys and girls for all institutions.
We will continue to accept applications past the deadline but won’t be able to guarantee places on the program.


At a glance

Duration: 9 months

Sep: Opening Tiyul and Shabbat

Oct: Sukkot Seminar

Nov: Tiyul

Dec: Shabbat Hachshara & Ha’Irgun 

Jan: Community Shabbat

Feb: Shabbat Shevet Dorot

Mar/April: Pesach Seminar

June: Closing Shabbaton

Torani is designed to enhance your year of learning. When you are not in Yeshiva or Midrasha we’ll provide a variety of programmes to let you live and feel the pulse of the Land and State of Israel. Torani will be your family in Israel. A year in Midrasha or Yeshiva will be the most independent that you have ever been in your life, yet with Torani you can relax with the knowledge that your needs are being looked after. From welcoming you at Ben Gurion Airport and taking you to your Midrasha or Yeshiva, to arranging shabbat hospitality for whenever you need, you can always rely on us to be there for you!



Group Shabbatot
A few times during the year, Torani will reunite to spend Shabbat together. We choose the venues carefully so that you’ll enjoy Shabbat against a backdrop of some of Israel’s most beautiful settings. You’ll sing, share Divrei Torah, and enjoy meals together – all while seeing much more of Israel.

Shabbat Irgun
Shabbat Irgun in Israel is the culmination of a month of celebrations, which includes a special ceremony at which the newest shevet name is revealed. Shabbat Ha’irgun is the highlight of the year for members of Bnei Akiva in Israel – and you’ll be joining one of the local branches of BA to share in the celebrations, and getting to know your Israeli counterparts.

Shabbat Hachshara
Torani will join together with the rest of World Bnei Akiva’s many Hachshara programmes from all over the world to enjoy Shabbat with an international flavor. There will be around 200 people from every continent, and while you might not all speak the same language, you ’ll all have one thing in common – you are all part of Bnei Akiva