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Who We Are


At the heart of our movement’s success is informal, role-model education. At weekly meetings and on camps, our madrichim (youth leaders) teach religious Zionist values to our chanichim (participants) in fun and innovative ways, in turn inspiring them to become the madrichim of the future.


Shlichim - To assist in this core task, World Bnei Akiva works directly with Jewish communities in 23 countries across six continents by sending them shlichim to work with the madrichim and chanichim of Bnei Akiva around the world. Currently we have more than 100 shlichim working across the globe.


International programs - We offer a diverse selection of World Bnei Akiva organized programing around the world. Everything from summer and winter camps, to leadership seminars and training, as well as other programs and events. More…


Israel programs - Every year, over 1000 young people take part in our short-term programs and flagship Hachshara gap year programs in Israel. Whether learning, hiking or volunteering, participants experience the best of what Israel has to offer, in a Bnei Akiva framework. More…


Aliyah - Once one of our bogrim (graduates) of the movement decides its time to move to Israel, World Bnei Akiva is there for them, helping to make arrangements so that their Aliyah will be both smooth and successful. More…


We proudly believe in a religious Zionist ideology, which combines the twin values of Torah (Jewish values, learning and practice) and Avodah (living a Modern Orthodox lifestyle and contributing to the State of Israel) into one holistic vision. The ultimate realization of this vision is Aliyah, where we play our part in building our national and spiritual home. This vision is encompassed in the motto ‘Torah Va’Avodah’ - Torah & Work.


Our unique style of peer-led, informal education encourages Jewish youth to turn from being takers to givers, contributing to their local community and educating other children to join the Bnei Akiva and adopting our ideals. In an increasingly materialistic age, the movement is a counter-culture in which volunteering, idealism and passion are what matters.


Our mission is to educate Jewish youth around the world to live by the movements ideology of Torah Va’Avodah, by way of an inclusive approach, and to encourage Aliyah by instilling a love for Israel through Zionist education.


Bnei Akiva is a Jewish religious Zionist youth movement, which inspires and empowers young Jews all over the world with a sense of commitment to the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and the Torah, placing an emphasis on the value of Aliyah to the State of Israel.


World Bnei Akiva, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Jerusalem, works with Jewish communities in the Diaspora, assisting and strengthening the local Bnei Akiva snifim (branches), as well as the wider Jewish community.


We are the biggest Zionist youth movement in the world, active in 37 countries, 43 cities, with over 100 snifim and represented by over 100 shlichim (emissaries). 

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