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ALIYAH PARTY 5783!!! - Bogrim BA'aretz

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

From the movements founding, Bnei Akiva has brought over 100,000 Olim to Israel. Aliyah is the ultimate expression of our ideology, and a goal to which we educate chanichim from around the world. Bogrim BA'Aretz builds a Bnei Akiva bogrim-olim community in Israel, where events, news and networking takes place. Since 2017 Bogrim BA'aretz has been strengthening the olim community by hosting events throughout the year. We host the annual Yom Ha'Aliyah party, Tikkun Leil Shavuot, Tefillat Yom Ha'Atzmaut, and a lot more.
What an incredible night!!!

Saluting our Olim!

Tens of thousands of Olim who have come to Israel over the past years are Bogrim of World Bnei Akiva. Every year in honor of Aliyah week, Bogrim BA'aretz throws an incredible Aliyah Party to celebrate all of these amazing Bogrim who came from all over the world! This year our party took place in the first station in Jerusalem. More than 200 Olim came who made Aliyah in recent years from Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, USA, England, Venezuela, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Sweden, South Africa, and Australia.

During the party we took the opportunity to honor three very special Bogrim and award them with the “היינו כחולמים Award”! This award is given every year to different Bogrim who stood out in their social Zionist work since making Aliyah. Congratulations to Elisheva Kupferman Goldstein, Jonny Lipczer and Nadav Ellinson for being amazing role models and an inspiration to all of us by continuing to contribute to our society and especially to young olim!

This Aliyah Party was truly a night to remember! Thank you all for coming and creating this insane atmosphere!

See you soon again!💙🤍


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