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First Week in Dimona!- Limmud

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Limmud is a Co-ed, experiential, 9-month study and Israel immersion program for the Southern Hemisphere. The program aims to develop 5 circles of “identity” including: Jewish, Zionist, Spiritual, Communal & Personal. Within this framework, participants spend time at Yeshiva/Midrasha, and experience Israel with a wide array of activities and educational modules, as well as a meaningful journey to Poland. Limmud culminates with a 3-month collaborative with our Mechina Olamit, together with Israelis, and participants from the Northern Hemisphere.


The group arrived in Dimona this week and settled in wonderfully!

We started with a workshop on medical clowning and volunteering. We learned the importance of giving back, doing good, and communicating in different ways aside from speech, like through laughter and giving a simple smile. We put our juggling skills to the test and made balloon animals to decorate the soup kitchen we volunteered at. The group had loads of fun and shared plenty of laughs.

We spent our mornings at the soup kitchen packing up food and vegetable baskets for the less fortunate, helped cook the hot meals, and even met with the mayor of Dimona!

Afternoons and evenings were filled with activities. The madrichim held a henna night and taught about the history of Dimona. The chanichim arranged group activities, and on the 10th of Tevet met up with the Bnei Akiva snif in Dimona for a chaburah, and together they broke the fast. Royi made the trip down south and met with Limmud, giving them practical tools and tips on how to enhance their independent learning.

Wednesday we went on a tour of the African Hebrews neighborhood, learned about their culture, ate vegan burgers and played with the neighborhood children.

Today we concluded our time at the soup kitchen and started preparing our lessons for the high school we will be teaching English at next week.

The whole week is being planned by the chanichim and will revolve around the topic of global warming.

Right now, the chanichim have their hands deep in dough as they start baking challah and preparing for their first Shabbat in Dimona.


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