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Goodbye Dimona, hiking through history and fun in Eilat!- Limmud

Limmud is a Co-ed, experiential, 9-month study and Israel immersion program for the Southern Hemisphere. The program aims to develop 5 circles of “identity” including: Jewish, Zionist, Spiritual, Communal & Personal. Within this framework, participants spend time at Yeshiva/Midrasha, and experience Israel with a wide array of activities and educational modules, as well as a meaningful journey to Poland. Limmud culminates with a 3-month collaborative with our Mechina Olamit, together with Israelis, and participants from the Northern Hemisphere.


On Monday we said goodbye to Dimona and had quite the sendoff. The group, joined by Miriam Tekuzener, hiked "with the Tanach" through Nachal David, experiencing the history of David Hamelech as he fled from Shaul. They then went to their Mad’s house (Ori Vilner) in Sansana for a festive hamburger meal.

Early Tuesday morning they left on a three day trip to Eilat. They drove ATVs in the desert and hiked in Kenyon Shchoret and Amudei Amram - Timna Park. The day concluded with a tour of the boundaries of Eilat and a ceremony at Degel HaDyo - The Ink Flag. This is a handmade Israeli flag raised in March 1949 during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War to mark the capture of Umm Rashrash (Eilat today).

Wednesday’s hike was to Kenyon Ha'adom and Nachal Shani, followed by Eilat’s famous rope park.

They ended the day at the Ice Mall and got to cool down as they skated around the rink.

On Thursday they woke up extremely early (5AM) to climb Har Tzfachot at sunrise.

Before heading home the group made one more stop and went banana boating and tubing in the Red Sea.


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