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Divrei Torah

Aish Divrei Torah

Divrei Torah for Parashat HaShavua split into beginner, advanced and family.

Aleph Beta

Divrei Torah with animated videos, many of which use textual analysis. There are also podcasts on spotify called "Into the Verse." Having a free account limits the amount of videos you can watch.


Chabad has summaries, text-based learning, in-depth studies, videos, columnists, audio shiurim, family and the weekly haftarah for the weekly parsha.

Rabbi Sacks Archives

Divrei Torah by Rabbi Sacks z"l, split into year, topic and parsha. There are many other relevant videos and articles on the site about modern Jewish society and Jewish values.

YU Torah

Hundreds of thousands of audio shiurim. There are many filters to find the topic you want.


Divrei Torah split into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. There are also resources for the Jewish year cycle and Jewish values.


Halachot split into many mitzvot, including kashrut and shabbat.

Pinenei Halacha

Online access to Pinenei Halacha sefarim. Authored by Rav Eliezer Melamed, Pinenei Halacha explains halachot in an understandeable manner with explanations. Originally in Hebrew, many of his books were translated into English, Spanish, French and Russian.





USHMM Holocaust Records

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's site which houses records, testimonies, s