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End of the Year! - Kivun

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Two family groups of high school grads from 8 different countries have just begun their journey of discovery, personal development, independence, and adventure in Israel!

Stay tuned to this blog as we follow them around Israel as they forge their paths with Kivun!

Kivun is a Co-ed, experiential, 9-month Israel immersion program for the Northern Hemisphere, focusing on personal development, independent living and Jewish growth. Participants live in apartments in Jerusalem, where together with friends they learn about themselves, Judaism and Zionism through an incredible array of experiences such as Kibbutz, Volunteering, Seminars, Professional Internship, Magen David Adom, and IDF experience.


It’s hard to believe that the year has come to an end!

During the three challenging fun days of Amazing Race, participants travelled across the country answering questions and completing challenges. In so many ways this is the implementation of the skills they have developed during the year in terms of independence and immersion in Israel, communication, inter-personal challenge resolution, and learning in an experiential way.

The weekend has been dedicated to looking back at the year: considering the growth everyone has experienced on a personal level and collective one and the things they have learned, and especially looking forward to taking all this into the next stages of life moving forward. Over the past few weeks I have been meeting with the participants one-on-one to hear about their personal reflections on the year, how they have grown, what skills they have achieved and how the year advanced them. It has been so heart-warming to hear the feedback from the participants, their profundity and maturity.

The Closing Shabbat led into Shavuot which featured an all-night learning program with shiurim by participants Jake Lanzkron, Hadassa Solomon, Alon Hanuna, Jeremiah Wallace as well as Noach Abromowitz, Rav Ari and Rabbi Jesse Horn. At the conclusion of the night we walked to the Kotel – a wonderous custom in Jersalem since 1967 – to join tens of thousands of Jews for the yom tov Shacharit.

Last night was our final time together as a group. During our all-nighter we enjoyed laughing and crying together after the meaningful year we’ve all had. There were presentations by participants and staff, and closing mifkad at the Kotel in the middle of the night, before the final Shacharit and breakfast.

This has certainly been a year of growth for the participants – personal and Jewish – and a year to really be part of Israeli society.

Looking forward to hearing only good things in the future


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