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Limmud's Final Hurrah on Kibbutz!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Limmud is a Co-ed, experiential, 9-month study and Israel immersion program for the Southern Hemisphere. The program aims to develop 5 circles of “identity” including: Jewish, Zionist, Spiritual, Communal & Personal. Within this framework, participants spend time at Yeshiva/Midrasha, and experience Israel with a wide array of activities and educational modules, as well as a meaningful journey to Poland. Limmud culminates with a 3-month collaborative with our Mechina Olamit, together with Israelis, and participants from the Northern Hemisphere.


The past two weeks have been amazing! Limmud went to the Hermon, had an amazing Purim on Kibbutz filled with costumes, shtick a BBQ seuda and even got to experience Shushan Purim in Jerusalem. I spent last Shabbat with the group and we all enjoyed various Divrei Torah prepared by the chanichim, ruach, beautiful tefillot, and delicious food.

This week was their last week on Kibbutz, all the chanichim had ulpan and worked around the kibbutz. As a thank you to all the kibbutz members for their hospitality, the group baked cookies, packaged them, and delivered them on their last day of work.

The group continued to have activities throughout the week on the topic of "Israelism". The sessions included discussions about the diversity in Israel and the different walks of “Israelism”. The mads also made a human jungle speed game to conclude the Kibbutz period with all the experiences they had there.

Today they ran in the Jerusalem Marathon, no rain was going to stop them! They were sopping wet and smiling from ear to ear having been a part of such an amazing experience. They then headed back to Kibbutz for Shabbat and to prepare some final “Limmud Shtick” before they head out on Sunday to Mechina.

This next period of the program (Mechina) is based in Kibbutz Migdal Oz in Gush Etzion. Limmud will have the unique opportunity of experiencing an authentic Israeli Mechina. The education idea behind this part of the year is to challenge the chanichim and help them break out of their comfort zone by building character and experiencing personal growth through educational, experiential, and physical activities. They will also begin learning in a beit midrash a few times a week and get to take part in a brand new start-up Bootcamp, a first-timer on the Limmud program. In short, there is a lot to look forward to!


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