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Limmud takes on Ein Hanatziv

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Limmud is a Co-ed, experiential, 9-month study and Israel immersion program for the Southern Hemisphere. The program aims to develop 5 circles of “identity” including: Jewish, Zionist, Spiritual, Communal & Personal. Within this framework, participants spend time at Yeshiva/Midrasha, and experience Israel with a wide array of activities and educational modules, as well as a meaningful journey to Poland. Limmud culminates with a 3-month collaborative with our Mechina Olamit, together with Israelis, and participants from the Northern Hemisphere.


This week we started the Kibbutz period of Hachshara. The group has settled in, learning Hebrew, working hard, and having fun as they become a united group.

The group has been divided into two classes based on their level of Hebrew. This is to allow everyone to have a real Ulpan experience. They switch off every other week, one week of Ulpan, one week working around the kibbutz. Work on the kibbutz includes gardening, landscaping, working in the fields, working with the animals, and with the children in preschool. They spend their afternoons together, filled with classes, activities, and regular kibbutz life. In the evenings they cook dinner, have sessions with guest speakers and twice they have “This Is Me”.

“This Is Me” is an activity created to allow each and every chanich a chance to share their story. They each get an hour to talk about themselves, their lives, their goals and anything they want with the group. The group then asks them questions and gets to know them on a deeper level in a group setting. This creates a safe space for self-expression, bonding on a personal level as a group, and builds confidence in the chanich/a that is presenting. This will continue twice a week over the course of the next few months until each one gets a chance to share their story.


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