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Tiyul with AMIJAI!

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Amijai - El programa Amijai de Bnei Akiva invita a chicos de México y Panamá a vivenciar una experiencia única e inigualable en Israel, donde los participantes podrán incorporar conocimientos y aprendizajes a través de la experiencia propia, conocerán todo tipo de lugares como el Kibutz, paisajes increíbles en Shvil Israel, las bases militares en Marva, y la vida del estudio de la torá en la Yeshiva y la Midrasha.
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"Chashuv Meod, always to be with a smile!"

These are the words of Aushwitz Survivor David Leitner this morning, as he met the World Bnei Akiva - Amijai from Mexico.

Today Amijai (Amichai) went on an inspiring and educating Tiyul, starting in the Moshav Nir Galim, a beautiful Moshav that was built solely by Holocaust survivors, some of who are still living there today after moving to Israel. With their amazing tourguide, movies and virtual reality they learned more about the holocaust from a newer and deeper perspective.

To conclude the educational journey about the Jews around the world Amijai's next stop of the day was the Museum of Diaspora in Tel Aviv.

"The story the Jewish people is a story of perseverance and miracles. And we are part of this story."


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