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Volunteer week in the Arava and Eilat trip! - LIMMUD

Limmud is a Co-ed, experiential, 9-month study and Israel immersion program for the Southern Hemisphere. The program aims to develop 5 circles of “identity” including: Jewish, Zionist, Spiritual, Communal & Personal. Within this framework, participants spend time at Yeshiva/Midrasha, and experience Israel with a wide array of activities and educational modules, as well as a meaningful journey to Poland. Limmud culminates with a 3-month collaborative with our Mechina Olamit, together with Israelis, and participants from the Northern Hemisphere.

Shavua Tov!

What a week Limmud had in the Arava!

On Sunday morning they left Dimona and headed further south to Moshav Tzofar, where they stayed throughout their week of volunteering in the Arava. They got to pick fruit and vegetables and enjoy a sunset hike in the Arava Desert.

Monday they went to Hatzeva to volunteer with the community. They had the opportunity to paint, plant trees, and play with the children in the kindergarten. After returning to Tzofar they had a session with Yael Goldstein who did an activity to get to know the group.

Tuesday they continued their volunteer project in Hatzeva and had a Tour of the school “Adam V’Adama” - man and land, a school with an agricultural educational approach run by the Shomer Hachadash organization. The chanichim learned about the school and the students who chose to go there over the ordinary and more popular educational system. They then continued to Ein Yahav for a tour of the bee farm there.

Wednesday they prepared in the morning and in the afternoon ran a sport activity for the children of the moshav ranging from pre-school to highschool. They also met with Ido Benitsvi - head of the Australian-Arava partnership. In the evening the madrichim ran a fun activity where they had to complete challenges using the Israeli Crembo food.

Thursday was spent painting places for the community and touring the Bein Ha’Shitin Farm. There they enjoyed a tour, during which they learned about the variety of crops grown on the farm, experienced agriculture work, and tasted freshly picked vegetables which they later made lunch with. make lunch with. They spent the evening preparing for Shabbat baking challah and babka.

Friday, before getting ready for Shabbat, the group also participated in an activity where they learned about the hardships of the Arava and how it has become what it is today.

Yesterday they headed out for their 3-day Eilat trip, stopping at Yotvata for some “Shoko” - chocolate milk, and went ATVing. Today they hiked through the mountains of Eilat, went ice skating, and to a rope park. Tomorrow they will be waking up early to climb Tzfachot Mountain at sunrise and then get to cool off banana boating and tubing before they head back to Jerusalem for their final period of the year Machon - The Leadership Institute.

Wishing you a fantastic week! Daphna Refaeli


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